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Business and policy-makers in both the electricity and transportation spheres are confronting tough questions about how consumers access affordable, safe, and reliable service in a future where central planning no longer decides the outcomes. Even the innovators seeking to empower consumers with more options face a shifting landscape and uncertain transition away from long-standing regulatory paradigms and business models. A central factor in the future of electric and transportation services is how electricity consumption and advanced transportation solutions have each become a major influence in the business of the other.

e-centricity, LLP simplifies the dynamic and converging worlds of electricity, mobility, and smart technologies. We offer broad and deep expertise as to operations, technologies, markets, regulation, and policy affected by changes consumers are now empowered to make as to habits and preferences. We bring direct experience, research, expert networks, thought leadership, and project management to the challenges reshaping these industries. If you are an electricity or transportation services business, uncertain of how to navigate the complexity of pressures on your future success, call us for unbiased and comprehensive advice on developing and implementing your forward-looking strategy.


Marie Steele

Ms. Steele has fourteen years of energy industry experience and nearly a decade in the utility sector, empowering her to facilitate innovative solutions where the electricity market and other industries intersect. Since her days earning an MBA at ESADE-Barcelona, she has been immersed in the technology of sustainability. Experience internationally in Europe and the Middle East, brings a global mindset to tackling local sustainability challenges.

As the lead sustainability proponent on behalf of a major electric utility, Ms. Steele understands how to make advanced solutions work within available business and regulatory regimes. Her knowledge extends to renewable generation at the grid and community levels, and to the future that distributed energy resources will bring. As a manager of all related issues and challenges, she brings to the conversation the operational knowledge of the distribution system, the state of the relevant technology, the latest industry trends, and the rate structures and capital requirements to advance innovative solutions.

Ms. Steele’s proven capabilities of building effective partnerships amongst stakeholders has successfully developed needed public-private partnerships. In Nevada, she has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement, guiding policy around vehicle electrification at a local and state level, and building stakeholder consensus on regulatory and legislative implementation. Through her leadership in thought and in action, Nevada has embraced and created a regime designed to accelerate adoption of EVs, putting Nevada at the forefront of advanced mobility.

An advocate to the core for the environmental and consumer equities that may be realized through advanced technologies, Ms. Steele capably furthers those goals in both public and private dialogue. She is a recognized speaker and authority on these issues in numerous outlets, including radio, tv, formal testimony before state legislators and regulators, and through extensive industry white papers.

Ms. Steele now brings her experience, vision, and global mind-set to a brighter energy future and smart community deployment. If transformation is your objective, e-centricity, LLP will help you realize it.

Lauren Rosenblatt

As a thought leader in the future of the electricity sector in Nevada, Lauren Rosenblatt has followed the tides forcing sea changes in electricity service in the U.S. She sees the business moving towards enhanced distribution grid services and a consumer-driven marketplace, but understands that pivots from wholesale markets and regional energy suppliers will not happen overnight. While embracing the technological advances that change the way electricity is bought, sold, and consumed, she advocates for a sustainable industry model contemplating roles for both regulated and competitive players to ensure equitable access to reliable and affordable electricity.

In both government and the private sector, Ms. Rosenblatt was immersed in technology and policy developments in wholesale and retail electric service that are reshaping regulations, business models, and operations. Through oversight of the wholesale electric markets while at FERC, she had the opportunity to observe the synergies and tensions between state and federal energy policies and the effect of those dynamics on electricity economics. Later advising a vertically-integrated utility on regulatory developments affecting operations, she became intimately familiar with the issues particular to each of transmission, energy marketing, and end-use customer services.

In recent years, Ms. Rosenblatt applied herself to the question of restructuring the electricity industry in Nevada. She has studied the past 20 years’ evolution in the wholesale and retail markets; contemplated the current, disruptive forces in those markets; and examined myriad alternative business models and policy constructs that could be the future of electricity service. As a utility policy and business advisor, she took part in the public dialogue in Nevada that is seeking to answer the primary question for the industry -- not whether to change, but how to make change happen.

Ms. Rosenblatt brings the perspective and agility born from a diverse professional experience. With an undergraduate degree in civil/environmental engineering and policy studies, she spent the early years of her career thinking about large infrastructure design with the bigger picture in mind. In her law career of nearly 20 years she confronted a variety of commercial challenges -- financial, contractual, regulatory, and dispute-driven, often complex, and both foreseen and unexpected. Ms. Rosenblatt has worked successfully with operations-level teams, executives, and government officials.

Ms. Rosenblatt has studied the future of electricity and has been part of the dialogue; she stands in front of the knowledge and thought in this area. She is excited and available to work with businesses who see the changes coming and are looking for the expertise and strategic advice to turn those challenges into opportunities.